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From traditional to trendy, Kimarie Salon stylists are trained to offer a full range of styles and services. Our services and prices may change, depending on hair length and density. Give your hair and your self-esteem a boost with a custom style that expresses the best of you. Sit back in the chair and let one of our stylists work their magic.

Hair Cutting Salon, Quincy, MA, Women and Men

Proscalpin overnight without prescription, Where can i buy Proscalpin without a prescription

$26-39 ^

Shampoo & Blowdry

$16-30 ^


$16-25 ^

Cut and Blowdry

$21-35 ^


$12-23 ^

Hair Coloring, Quincy, Ma


$51-100 ^

Partial Highlights

$45-90 ^

Full Highlights

$50-100 ^

Condition Treatment

$30-45 ^

Bring Your Own Color

$40-60 ^


$45-60 ^

Kids haircut, Quincy, MA
Kids Services (under 10 years old)

We use high quality professional products:

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